Consider Your Resale Value Before You Renovate

Consider Your Resale Value Before You Renovate

Resale value is a common idea when it comes to real estate. Real estate deals with making good investments and watching your value appreciate.

Maintenance and renovations are the keys to ensuring that your property gains equity and when it comes to selling, you make good money. It is, however, prudent to identify that the amount of money you make depends on the level of appreciation on the market. All renovations made should be able to fit the property and the surrounding environments. That, however, should be made after careful consideration of the resale value.


Location is an important consideration before the purchase of any real estate. If you gain ownership to a property that is out of town or off the road, the price will probably be enticing. When it comes to selling it, and the cost of that location has not yet increased, the resale value will still be the same, or just slightly higher. In this case, renovations will lead to losses. In most cases, the profit you gain will not be able to cover up for the cost of changes in the property. If renovations have to be made for the property to sell, it is advisable to go for minimum cost renovations.

Surrounding Environment

The surrounding environments also make an excellent factor to consider during resale. The whole idea depends on how much you want to earn at the end of the day. If the most expensive house in the neighborhood went for $300,00 after renovations, it would be useless to try and sell above that price. Therefore, if your buying price added to the renovation cost exceeds the limit, it would be pointless to renovate your property.

Neighborhood Style

Apart from price, the other factor to consider from the neighborhood is their style and technique. All renovations should be made in line with them, or else you will have to sale for less value than you anticipated. Although in some instances uniqueness is of importance, be careful not to overspend on your renovations or else you will have to overprice your property. For example, in a neighborhood full of two-bedroom bungalows, spending 100,000 on improvements is an investment that cannot be recovered. Instead, it is advisable to resale and invest the money in a larger home from a different environment where your investment will grow with time. In real estate, it is better to own a small house in a region full of mansions and bungalows than to hold a bungalow in an area full of small houses.

With all other factors remaining constant, if renovations have to be done, go for the minimum costs and maximum benefits. Some people go for costly products thinking they come with extra benefits. For example, why buy that $10 per square foot tile while you can have the $5 per square foot tile and still serve the same purpose?

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